Master Tom Fox

Mr. Tom holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Maryland.  He has served as assistant strength coach and martial arts consultant for the Washington Redskins, flexibility consultant for the Seattle Seahawks, and nutritional consultant for the Washington Capitals and DC United.

A former professional kick boxer and Master Instructor, Mr. Tom has trained numerous Olympic and professional athletes.  He is currently a professor at Chesapeake College and strives to help children and adults learn to eat healthy and live an active lifestyle.

Molly Croissette

Ms. Molly began studying karate at Kent Island Martial Arts Center when she was 8 years old, earning her black belt in 2016, followed by her Black Gi Top for instructing. Ms. Molly’s natural ability as a leader has allowed her to become an excellent instructor to students and to other instructors as a leader in the development of the instructors’ curriculum.  Ms. Molly is a positive role model for all students, especially for our female students. She also organizes and runs all birthday parties, camps, and Parents’ Night Out events held at the studio.

Outside of martial arts, Ms. Molly is a senior at Kent Island High School, and is intending on going to college once she graduates. 

Black Belt - Senior Instructor - Instructor Program Director

Tyler Spiegel

Mr.Tyler began studying karate at the Kent Island Martial Arts Center when he was 10 years old. His commitment to training allowed him to achieve his Black Belt at age 13, and his second degree Black Belt at age 16. Since then, Mr. Tyler earned his Black Gi Top for instructing and has been promoted to head instructor. Mr. Tyler is a leading member of the Kent Island Martial Arts Center staff, providing guidance to students of all levels. In short, Mr. Tyler is the man. 

Mr. Tyler is a member of our sparring competition team, having competed in the black belt deivison of two competitions. Outside of martial arts, Mr. Tyler is attends classes at Chesapeake Community College.

2nd Degree Black Belt - Head Instructor

Justin Kelly

Mr. Justin began learning karate when he was 11 years old and after seven years of hard work and dedication he earned his Black Belt at the age of 18. Since earning his Black Belt, Mr. Justin has remained active in the studio as a senior instructor for both the beginner and advanced students.  His rank is indicated by the Black Gi top that he proudly wears. Mr. Justin also continues to develop his own martial arts skills as he pursues his Second Degree Black Belt. 

When Mr. Justin isn’t teaching at the studio, he is busy attending classes at Anne Arundel Community College and works full time.

Black Belt - Senior Instructor

Dawn Fair

Ms. Dawn re-joined the Kent Island Martial Arts Center when she was 33 years old, and earned her black belt five years after returning. Prior to restarting karate, Ms. Dawn went through Mr. Tom’s curriculum when she was thirteen years old. Since earning her black belt as an adult, Ms. Dawn has been promoted to a Black Gi Top instructor, and is currently working towards her second degree black belt. Ms. Dawn is now in charge of the weapons program, where she teaches forms in bo-staff, nunchucks, and sai.

Black Belt - Senior Instructor (Adult Classes)

Joe Grzymkowski

Mr. Joe has been studying and training in the Sho Yu Sha Do style of Martial Arts at the Kent Island Martial Arts Center since September 2004.  Mr. Joe earned his 1st Degree Black Belt in June 2010 and his 2nd Degree Black Belt in October 2014. He is currently Head Instructor for the Kent Island Martial Arts Center Adults Program, teaching both the Beginner & Advanced Program classes.


Outside of the martial arts Mr. Joe works for the Department of Defense as a Marine Analyst. He is married and lives on Kent Island with his family. In his free time he enjoys biking and fishing.

2nd Degree Black Belt - Head Instructor (Adult Classes)

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